Why this blog? Why Me? Why now?

Recently, after a series of particularly stressful events, I had a day that was full of tiny moments that all seemed designed to push me towards God. As I've never been a regular churchgoer and certainly not a believer, this came as a bit of a shock. I have never felt that I was missing anything, but it was too strong of a feeling to ignore. It is possible that in a month or week or day that the compulsion will pass. It is also possible that it will not.

I started this blog to document the process. I am starting from scratch, more or less, so please forgive me if I get some fact about your church or your faith wrong. I'm a work in progress.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A quick update

First, thanks for your prayers for my friend's baby. Ainsley had Group B strep and spent 10 days in the hospital. She's home now and doing fine.

Second, I've been sadly remiss on this blog. Life got too busy to think there for a while. I'm going to try to rectify that.

Third, I recently had the opportunity to travel to Colorado Springs with my husband. While he worked I was able to go on a tour of Glen Eyrie, which was built in the last 1800s and is now a Christian retreat center/ Bed and Breakfast owned by the Navigators. The Castle itself was fascinating and I highly recommend the tour. The giftshop is small and religiously oriented, as one would expect. I picked up a couple books there- The Message Promise Book , which is a book of scripture broken down by topic, and The Bible: Think for yourself about what's inside (TH1NK Reference Collection) which kind of breaks down each book of the Bible into themes and events. I haven't really had a chance to look at them, and I'm not sure how biased they are towards any given denomination (the website doesn't seem to claim any one in particular), but they looked interesting.

I hope you all are doing well, and special congratulations to Clan Donaldson on your new baby GIRL.


  1. I've been to Glen Eyrie before; it's a neat place.

    1. It really is. I'm amazed at how many things I think of as modern were already in place before 1900!